10 Ways Having a Dog Makes Your Life Better

10 Benefits Of Having A Dog In Your Life


If you are among those that have pets then you are blessed.  They enhance your life like nothing else can. A dog is your best friend and more. They can sense your mood and understand your body language, emotions and feelings.

The amount of responsibility, love, patience, selflessness and commitment that goes into having a pet dog can only refine you and make you a better and more lovable person.

There are significant, numerous and proven health benefits that can be associated with having a dog at home. Here are ten ways that having a dog can make your life better.

  1. Oxytocin keep you happy and healthy

Waking up to a dog that wants to be with you, means tons of licks and excited barks.  It releases happy hormones, like oxytocin, in the body that reduces anxiety, lowers your heart rate and even your blood pressure.

Petting your dog, brushing it, bathing it are all fund activities that reduce stress and keep the mind stimulated and happy. Their unconditional love is so overwhelming that it can soothe an aching heart instantly.

Living with a pet gives you both physical, mental and emotional improvement and stability. A pet can help elevate a mood swing that happens due to a disease or illness that you may suffer from.  Dogs like all other animals, require a routine and that means you having to follow a timetable as well.

  1. Alleviate loneliness and depression

With a pet around the house, you will never be left alone which is why even if you are depressed you have to get out of the house for a walk, rain or shine. They challenge you to get out whatever is depressing you thus changing your minds’ scenario.

You have to cook and feed him as well giving you no room for gloom around the house. Your pet requires your attention and interaction and will give you back so much more with every glance that, that itself releases oxytocin in the brain.  Depression gets replaced by unconditional love.

  1. Get exercise and boost productivity

Walking your pet, gets you introduced to other pet parents and encourages happy conversations thus improving your social skills.  It is also exercise and gets you to walk and run twice or thrice a day. If you are allowed to take your pet to work, then there is nothing like it.

Watching your pet and his antics often brings out more creativity and productivity.  You will find yourself filled with ideas and less stressed out.  A break taken to pet him can do wonders to your overall stress levels and mental state.

  1. Protection for your home

Dogs are very intuitive and alert.  They also have a keen sense of smell.  Right from the time they come home, they realize that you are their family and are wary of anything new and suspicious, whether it is a person or item. They can put off a potential threat just by their bark and their presence at the window.   They are literally the best security you can have.

When your family consists of kids too, then a pet in the home changes everything.  You my friend are looking at a different ball game but one that will reduce your parenting stress levels. Pets are enjoyable and alive and along with keeping your family in shape with walking, running and playing with your pet.

  1. Teach your child to be responsible

Having a pet also gives kids unconditional love and companionship while teaching them responsibility. There is no better subject than a pet for that. They learn empathy for living creatures and they also learn to be in tune to the physical and emotional needs of the pet because they realize that he is dependent on them.

Such valuable lessons will follow your child through life and can be instilled in a child so easily only with a pet in the home. Caring for the pets selflessly make the child make the child care for the world around him and much more.


You child will learn to commit to the tasks that are entrusted to him because he realizes that both you and his pet are relying on him. It is going to instill a sense of awareness, discipline and responsibility.  It shows him that you believe in his ability to manage and nurture a pet thus teaching him trust and building his self-confidence.

As you encourage your child to complete his share of work, it will increase the attention span of the child and work on his self esteem as the same time.  This is a feeling that needs to be instilled in every child positively and the smile on your face as well as the wagging tail on your dog will tell him that he is appreciated and has done well.

  1. Enjoy unconditional love

Peer pressure that is often judgmental and harsh often leads to negative behaviour in kids.  Having a pet for most kids means having a friend who sees them as they are.  Dogs give unconditional love even when they have been naughty or hurt someone’s feelings.

They know that even though their parents are cross with them, their pet will never be. They can reach out to the dog at any time for hugs, love and affection.  They do not need to look any negative activity to release their emotions. Their pets are their first friends and their camaraderie is like none other.

  1. Learn respect for all beings

Caring for a dog teaches a child to be patient while waiting for it to wake up from a nap or finish a meal.  They realize what it means leave things be, avoid disturbing to give each one their due space.  They learn respect.  It teaches them to be kind and thoughtful and to put the needs of a dependant and mute being before theirs.

All in all having a pet and child under the same roof, has a positive impact on the family. There is a lot more interaction time, positive, happy moments and topics for healthy and meaningful conversations.  Your home becomes your child’s first classroom, teaching them invaluable lessons that no other can provide.

In class as well, children with pets outshine those who do not have any.  Kids with pets are exposed to a different world. Visits to the vet, play dates with other pet owners, study and research on their pet breeds give them more exposure, knowledge thus making them well versed and spoken.

Children with pets are often less self centered than those who do not have any.  Even if they tend to be loners, they are happy ones because they know that their faithful pet is waiting for them at home. You will also notice that kids with dogs, do not bully, hurt or tease other children.  They are occupied with themselves and their dog and the tasks allotted to them for the same.

  1. Boost your immunity

Another aspect of owning a pet is the overall health of your family and kids. Most pet parents worry when a human baby is due. No one wants to risk an infant to life threatening allergies and respiratory conditions such as asthma.  With advancements in science, our homes are getting cleaner than ever.

Having a pet basically exposes the home to pathogens present around pets.  If you were to look at research or statistics, it shows that children who grow up with pets have significantly reduced allergies. They also have lower levels of antibodies and lesser skin reactions to dust mites and other irritants.   Exposure to a pet or pets often boosts the immune system of the child

If it is confirmed that your child’s allergies are due to pets then you should follow the advice of your pediatrician.  It may be possible to receive vaccines against the allergens and if it does not compromise your child’s health in any way then you can still give your pet a chance.

If you learn to manage your pet’s dander efficiently with good vet care, grooming and healthy restriction around the sofa and bed, there will be no reason why you cannot have both your child and pet live happily together.

  1. Prevent obesity

Most parents focus on allergies that come from pets in the house but forget about the amount that a dog can actually contribute to the child’s health.  For one owning a dog requires you to be involved in walking, playing, bathing, feeding and grooming him.  By getting involved in such things, children end up exercising without knowing it.  Children are encouraged to be active and thus reduce obesity.

Today obesity is one of the major illnesses that start in childhood and plague our society.   Your child’s mental health is also protected.  The emotional support that a child receives from a pet makes for a lot less behavioural and emotional incompetence. Positive child-dog relationships help children transition to adolescence and adulthood much stronger and with increased competency.

  1. Senior companions

In an old aged home, pets make for wonderful companions.  The elderly often feel a sense of abandonment and loneliness.  Dogs on the campus bring in that fun element and amusement.  Sometimes, it seems as if no one but the dog cares to hear their chatter.

As they speak to the pet, they tend to touch them and this greatly reduces stress making them more open and amiable to their daily tasks.  Having a dog around encourages the old to take interest in their lives and follow a routine all over again.

For most the will to live reduces once in an old age home  but when they see a dog, they feel like walking it for a bit or even walking the dog from their wheel chair.  The animals provide a means to exercise and socialize.  Even those who do not want to move feel like stroking and brushing the hair of the dog.


The dog is always happy to see them and they feel a sense of belonging.  They wake up because they feel the dog is waiting for them and no one else can take their place.   They finally have something to care for and divert their minds from their illness and loneliness to the playful antics of the pet on campus.

Some older people get aggressive, but stroking the pet calms them down making them more tolerant, approachable and accessible. This whole process gives them a reason to wake up every day. Pets are a medication that is enjoyed to the fullest thus reducing their trips to the doctor and prolonging their life while enhancing the quality of it at the same time.



Author: Priya Poduval

solopreneur,mom to 2 adorable 2legged babies and 16 four legged babies,founder peppy paws pet resort

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  1. My wife and I have recently moved into our first home. We are getting a French bulldog for our family because we finally have the freedom to do so. I didn’t realize having a dog around the house can teach children how to be patient when caring for living things. I’ll be sure to share this benefit with my wife.

  2. That’s a good point you make about how having a pet will ensure that you’re never alone and will require you to get out of your house for a walk, rain or shine. I’ve heard that having a pet dog can help you to have improved health in your heart, too, because of the additional walking. I’ll have to keep this information in mind as I consider whether or not I should get a puppy for my family.

  3. It was really nice how you said that with a pet around the house, the owner will be forced to change the depressing scenario of their mind by replacing it with unconditional love. That was probably the reason my brother wanted to have a pet so badly. He recently broke up with his longtime girlfriend, and the situation has left him broken and miserable. If getting a dog will get him smiling again, then I will buy him the dog that he really wants. Thanks!

  4. That’s really cool that you point out that if your kid is exposed to pets from early on, they can help boost the child’s immune system. My husband and I have a two-year-old, and we want to make sure that she has a great chance at life and is comfortable around animals. We’ll have to find a pet dog to get for the family, and I’m thinking that an English bulldog would be really cute.

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