Mumbai Airport’s Dog Therapy A Hit Among Fliers | Pet Benefits

Mumbai Airport’s Dog Therapy A Hit Among Fliers

The joy of animal companionship and a warm, soothing interaction with them is scientifically proven to help in reducing stress levels among tense, timid individuals.  With this discovery, dog therapy came into being and swiftly caught the interest of animal lovers across the globe.

The trend of turning to therapy by man’s best friend initially found popularity in the US and certain European nations. Internationally, even airports have begun to introduce therapy cells that help soothe frightened passengers’ nerves through guided animal interaction.

Travelers with special needs, such as persons suffering from autism also rely on therapy dogs to calm them as they go through flight procedures.

At MIAL, the airport that places supreme importance on the well-being of its passengers, animal-assisted therapy was introduced in September 2015 for travel anxiety-ridden passengers who required a stress-busting session with these beautiful, gentle animals.

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