A guide to pet dental care | Priya Poduval

A guide to pet dental care

A guide to pet dental care
Do you find yourself looking in the mirror often and checking out your pearly whites? Well, if you have a pet at home, then it’s about time you checked his too. Do you smell bad breath? Are his teeth yellow and covered in tartar? Are any teeth missing or broken? Do you see red or swollen gums? Have you noticed your pet wincing in pain while eating? What about his appetite? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then your dog’s oral hygiene is at risk. Make an appointment with your vet ASAP!
Most pet parents take care of their pets to the best of their ability. There is no doubt about that. There is adequate exercise, monthly grooming sessions, the best food and vacations with the family. But even so not many remember to do a routine check of their pet’s oral cavity, gums and teeth. Did you know that the heart, kidneys and joints are likely to be affected when bacteria enters the body through lesions in the oral cavity of the dog? Are you surprised? No pet parent ever expects this nor wants their beloved pet to go through this. Well, a stitch in time saves nine. This article is a guide to your pet’s dental care.
If you have a puppy or kitten you need not wait for the onset of oral problems to start a dental care regime. There is no better day than today. If your regular vet does dental work then nothing like it else, find a good one who specializes in dental treatment. Get checks done every six months at least. Now, if this is your pet’s first checkup, the vet will check for plaque, tartar and inflamed gums. He may also notice gingivitis, root exposure, cavities and bacterial contamination because these are some of the more common diseases to plague pets. These will need to be addressed immediately.
Often times the vet will suggest that you make the effort and follow a home care regime that includes regular brushing of the teeth. For this particular event called, ‘Let’s brush Fido’s teeth’, yes, let us call it an event, choose a time when your pet is sleepy or tired. He will not protest as much. A soothing voice will also take you a long way! There are tooth brushes specially designed to fit in your pet’s mouth. Alternatively, you can use your fingers. There is tooth paste available in the market as well that is specially formulated for animals. It is obviously going to be ingested by your pet but don’t worry for it will not cause any side effects. These do not contain fluoride. Fluoride is suited to humans but poisonous for animals.
If the dental issues cannot be remedied by medicine then your vet will suggest a dental surgery. Of course it will be done on an empty stomach and with general anesthesia. A blood test will have to be done a few days in advance to determine if there are any underlying health conditions. If not then surgery will go on as planned else you may have to wait till your pet is well or the type and course of anesthesia may be changed.
The healing process need not scare you. Like in most cases, your pet may require only his normal dose of love and hand feeding to recover completely. But in a one of case a bit more effort will be required because the vet may suggest a naso-gastric tube or in layman’s terms a feeding tube. It is a very soft and flexible, narrow tube that is placed from a nostril into the esophagus whilst under the influence of anesthesia. It will be secured to the cheek with a stitch or suture. This is a short term alternative for your pet to take in medicines, a liquid diet and water. You will get used to it in a day’s time and before you know it your pet will be well and it will be removed.
If you find daily brushing challenging, then thank science because today, one can find ready made food especially designed to maintain your pet’s oral health. It is only available as a dry variant. Why not wet? Well, because soft food is more likely to stick to the teeth and cause decay. Dry food works like a kind of tooth brush. While ordinary dry food crumbles upon impact, this particular kibble gets stuck around the tooth. It is sized a little larger than normal to engulf the tooth and as your pet chews on it, it scrubs against the teeth thus reducing plaque and tartar. It also fights bacteria and protects the gums from gingivitis.
If you would like to continue with home food then along with brushing at least thrice a week, you can buy chewable treats that are specially made to clean up your pet’s mouth. The abrasive texture makes it very chewy and will keep your pet at it for a long time. A lot of saliva gets produced and it helps dislodge plaque and food particles while washing debris from the teeth. Yes, you said it right. It almost does the job of a tooth brush.
Time and again the stress is on responsible pet parenting. Keeping up with your pet’s oral hygiene may be difficult but it is a very important part of your pet’s good health routine. Rectifying dental problems is not only expensive but very painful for our pets. Not to mention, it can only be done under the influence of anesthesia. Animals cannot speak for themselves nor can they care for their bodies. All of it essentially lies in your hands. You need not go to extremes because with all of the advancement in science, you can take a call for timely treatment. Now that you are aware and have started good dental care for your pet, you are one step closer to ensuring him or her of a healthier and longer life.

A guide to pet dental care | Priya Poduval

How To Be The Best Pet Parents Ever

If you are a new pet parent then this article is just the one for you.  If you already own a pet but do not feel that you are good pet parent, well, you probably are because you want to learn and be the best that your pet can have.

Often we overlook small details that can easily transform your pet’s quality of life and the atmosphere at home.  As you read on you will find small ways to do just that.

Find a Good Veterinarian

Ensure you do you find a good vet even before you choose a pet.  His knowledge of the breed you desire will either make or break the health and well being of your pet. He is going to be your go to man and the one person who should be able to answer all your queries.

No matter how much you know or experience you have, a vet is a vet. His knowledge and experience with will ensure that your pet has the best quality of life so ensure a good and cordial relationship with him. He should be in proximity to your residence and easy to reach.

During an emergency, every minute matters.  A single kilometer can mean life or death.  Make sure he can be reached at all times on the phone as well.    Last but not the least, in the event that he cannot be present during a crisis, make sure he refers your to an equally good substitute vet whom he familiarizes with your pet’s history.

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A guide to pet dental care | Priya Poduval

Dog Care During And After Pregnancy

Are you planning to have pups or is your pet already expecting?

This article will tell you how to take care of your pet during her 55 to 72 days gestation period and afterward as well so that you can minimize any complications. Being well informed and prepared is going to keep both her and you stress-free and is the key to a proper and easy delivery.

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A guide to pet dental care | Priya Poduval

My Dog Only Cares About Food. What Should I Do?

Well, for as long as I can remember, I’ve heard people say that dogs can eat all day!  Hungry or not, everything put in front of them will be swallowed.

Is there any truth to that statement? The answer is yes and no.  Some dogs eat only when they are hungry and will not even ask for seconds where as some, well, ‘CAN EAT ALL DAY’!

Does your dog wolf down food like it was on a yearlong fast?  Does he eat till he will explode? If it seems like your dog is hungry all the time then this article is for you.

Dog are descendants of the grey wolf and that means they are hunters.  They are used to what you call a ‘feast or famine diet’.  Nature teaches them to eat as much as they can when food is available, because they may not be able to make the next kill soon enough.

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A guide to pet dental care | Priya Poduval

Mumbai Airport’s Dog Therapy A Hit Among Fliers

The joy of animal companionship and a warm, soothing interaction with them is scientifically proven to help in reducing stress levels among tense, timid individuals.  With this discovery, dog therapy came into being and swiftly caught the interest of animal lovers across the globe.

The trend of turning to therapy by man’s best friend initially found popularity in the US and certain European nations. Internationally, even airports have begun to introduce therapy cells that help soothe frightened passengers’ nerves through guided animal interaction.

Travelers with special needs, such as persons suffering from autism also rely on therapy dogs to calm them as they go through flight procedures.

At MIAL, the airport that places supreme importance on the well-being of its passengers, animal-assisted therapy was introduced in September 2015 for travel anxiety-ridden passengers who required a stress-busting session with these beautiful, gentle animals.

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A guide to pet dental care | Priya Poduval

Separation Anxiety in Dogs: How To Ease It

Separation and the anxiety that goes with it is a heart breaking experience for every pet.  No one wants to be separated from their faithful companions for even a minute.

Most people plan their holidays and outings in and around pet friendly places but even then, there are instances in every pet’s life where they have to be alone at some point. Be it for an hour or for a couple of days.

If you think about it, what is it that is causing the anxiety? It is a pet’s exaggerated fear of being left alone.  Please do not confuse this with boredom.  What is the difference between the two?

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A guide to pet dental care | Priya Poduval

5 Pet-Friendly Resorts In And Around Pune

Want to hang out with your pets while enjoying a good meal?  It is not fair to leave those who give you unconditional love behind.

Here are a few pet friendly hangouts near Pune. These places will take care of your pet just like they would take care of you!  Guilt-free, good times are in, because now you need never leave your pet behind when you go out for a meal with friends.

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A guide to pet dental care | Priya Poduval

Dog Care In Monsoon: Keeping Your Pooch Fit And Healthy

The monsoons are here and they not only bring cooler temperatures but the romance between man and nature.  Everything is green and you will find little pools of rain water all over.

For most pet owners, the monsoons bring along a bit of tension, especially they have a dog. Walking routines get disturbed during the rains, dog walkers are absconding and more often than once, because of delays, there are accidents in the house.

When the routine is altered or hampered, your pet’s energy is not expended, causing them to get stressed out. Prolonged stress unfortunately will have a similar effect on your dog, just like it has on you.

Well, fear not, if you take the required safety, preventive and protective measures there is no reason why you and your dog cannot enjoy the monsoons to the fullest.

It is true though that dogs that enjoy long walks will have less time outdoors, but that’s better than no time out at all. Do not let these basic activities become annoying and impossible tasks.  Read this article to consider a few things before you venture out.

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A guide to pet dental care | Priya Poduval

How Animal Assisted Therapy Helps The Disabled

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is a type of therapy that involves animals as a form of treatment. The goal of AAT is to improve a patient’s social, emotional, or cognitive functioning.

If you have a child or loved one who is physically or mentally challenged, Animal Assisted Therapy just may be the thing for them.  Caring for a pet has an overall positive impact on a child’s mind and body.

Animal Therapy need not only be for those kids with lifelong illnesses but can also be very therapeutic for children who are recovering from accidents and poor health.

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A guide to pet dental care | Priya Poduval

10 Benefits Of Having A Dog In Your Life

If you are among those that have pets then you are blessed.  They enhance your life like nothing else can. A dog is your best friend and more. They can sense your mood and understand your body language, emotions and feelings.

The amount of responsibility, love, patience, selflessness and commitment that goes into having a pet dog can only refine you and make you a better and more lovable person.

There are significant, numerous and proven health benefits that can be associated with having a dog at home. Here are ten ways that having a dog can make your life better.

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