Dog Boarding In Pune

Need Dog Boarding In Pune? Come To The Peppy Paws Pet Resort

Dog Hostel In Pune

Are you planning on going on vacation and have nowhere to leave your beloved dog? Do you need to avail of dog boarding in Pune or Mumbai?

Wouldn’t you love to leave your pet at a dog hostel in Pune where you know they will be loved and cared for? Welcome to the Peppy Paws Pet Resort – a popular pet boarding facility in Pune, run by Priya and Roshan Poduval.

This pet hostel in Pune is well known among Pune’s pet parents for its caring and loving resort owners, who are committed to providing the best treatment, and an enjoyable experience, to the pets in their care.

Having recently relocated to a 60,000 square foot facility at Wadki, the Peppy Paws Pet Resort has expanded to include a number of amenities that no other dog boarding facility in Pune offers.

Dogs will be homed in thermal insulated rooms with desert coolers to keep the heat away. They also have access to a big indoor play area which is CCTV monitored, and a safe enclosed outdoor play area.

Dog Kennels In Pune

Your beloved dog can enjoy their stay in a cage-free environment, and will have ample area to run around and play with other dogs in the 10,000 square foot outdoor play area that includes an agility centre with a sand pit, mud pit and ball pit.


The Peppy Paws Pet Resort also has a 1,000 square foot pool that your pet can cool off in. Well-trained professional staff will be on site 24 hours a day, and an onsite vet will be on call 24/7, should a pet require emergency medical care.

Dog Boarding In Pune

Professional pest control services ensure that the environment is free of fleas and ticks, and only RO filtered drinking water is provided for resident pets.

The entire resort is monitored by CCTV surveillance and the resort owners also ensure that all pets in the facility are current on their vaccinations.

CCTV monitored facility for your pets safety

This dog hostel in Pune is also in high demand by pet parents from Mumbai due to the lack of good pet boarding facilities in the financial capital. Home pickup and drop-back facilities are also available for those who require it.

For bookings, contact Priya Poduval / Roshan Poduval.

Mobile/Whatsapp: 8805989128 / 9


Address: The Peppy Paws Pet Resort, Near Interval Food Mall, Phursungi – Saswad Road, Wadki, Pune 411028 (Google Map)