Dog Care In Monsoon: Keeping Your Pooch Fit And Healthy

Dog Care In Monsoon: Keeping Your Pooch Fit And Healthy

Dogs with raincoats

The monsoons are here and they not only bring cooler temperatures but the romance between man and nature.  Everything is green and you will find little pools of rain water all over.

For most pet owners, the monsoons bring along a bit of tension, especially they have a dog. Walking routines get disturbed during the rains, dog walkers are absconding and more often than once, because of delays, there are accidents in the house.

When the routine is altered or hampered, your pet’s energy is not expended, causing them to get stressed out. Prolonged stress unfortunately will have a similar effect on your dog, just like it has on you.

Well, fear not, if you take the required safety, preventive and protective measures there is no reason why you and your dog cannot enjoy the monsoons to the fullest.

It is true though that dogs that enjoy long walks will have less time outdoors, but that’s better than no time out at all. Do not let these basic activities become annoying and impossible tasks.  Read this article to consider a few things before you venture out.

Avoid going out in a thunderstorm

Thunder and lightning scare the living daylights out of many dogs. During this time, your dog will search for a place that it finds most comfortable. It could be the corner of the bathroom as well.

Do not drag him out. Let him be because that is where he feels secure.  He will come out when the noise subsides.  With the progress in medicine, you can surely find medicines that help your dog relax. Ask your vet for something suitable.

Keep them dry

The monsoon season is heaven for germs.  It is essential to keep your dog’s fur dry all the time.  A good idea during the monsoons would be to trim your dog’s fur. If you have a long haired dog, keep the fur to the minimum.

What happens is, trapped moisture that cannot escape from the fur, causes the body to become a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria.  Ensure that you have a couple of towels allotted for your pet alone. Make sure they are super absorbent.

Wipe him dry the moment you come back from your walk.  He may lick his body in an attempt to groom himself but if you see him constantly licking certain body parts or scratching and if you can get a foul smell from his body then he probably has a fungal / bacterial infection or an allergy.

Go to your vet immediately. There are anti fungal baths and powders by the dozens that can be used easily and work fabulously.

Clean your dog’s paws after a walk

Once back from your walk, check and clean your dog’s paws.  It will be full of muck from the ground.  Do not leave it for him to lick and injest the mud.  He will develop worms in his tummy.

The market is flooded with rain gear for pets. Pick up a rain coat and water proof shoes (if possible) for your pet. Ensure that your dog has minimal hair in the paw area.


If your dog has long droopy ears, trim the fur in that area too. In the first place, hardly any air passes through the ear canal and to add dampness is only asking for major infections.

Do bathe your dog regularly

Now just because everything is damp, that does not mean that you do not have to bathe your dog.  On the contrary it is very important to do so during the rainy season. Invest in a shampoo specially designed to combat problems faced by pets during the monsoons.

There are a variety of dry shampoos in the market as well.  They do not require the use of water but cannot be assumed to be a permanent solution to a good bath. Invest in a hair dryer and to blow dry him well.  If he is scared of the noise then towel dry him to perfection.

Dog getting fur dried

Clean their bedding often

Ensure your pets bedding is cleaned often. Have two on hand, so you can wash one and use the other. Know that bacteria and fungus can grow on it too due to humidity in the air and your dog’s own dampness.

If you want to avoid bedding, then a towel that you can change on a daily basis will also protect your dog from the cold ground. The temperature drops and the cold can get to your dog and cause achy joints and fever.

Store their food hygienically

Ensure your dog’s food is not kept in an area where even the slightest dampness can penetrate. Their food will get spoiled and some fungus cannot be seen with the naked eye. You may forget about it and your pet will consume bad food, leading to a severe stomach infection.

Please be very careful. Feed little and feed often rather than giving them a big serving of food.  Since we’re on the topic of food, it’s a good idea to increase the fiber in his diet.  Since there is going to be less outdoor exercise, it will keep his weight under control and bowels regular.

Enjoy the monsoons to the fullest. Don’t let it hamper your dog’s activities.  Go for monsoon camps.  Meet other pet parents and watch your dog play to its heart’s content.

If this is not possible and your dog is bored and irritable take him up and down the stairs.  Make it a game.  Get him some new toys as well. Let him expend his pent-up energy.

Rain or shine, nothing can stand in the way of you and your pet. Get a few things organized and make the best of monsoons.



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