Dog Grooming: Why It Needs To Be Done Regularly

Dog Grooming: Why It Needs To Be Done Regularly

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Dog grooming is an important part of your dog’s basic needs and one that cannot be neglected by a pet parent at any cost. If you feel we are talking about the physical appearance of the dog coming first then you are wrong.

It is the bad and even fatal health conditions that will occur with neglect which is where the concern lies.  One cannot stress the fact enough.  It goes beyond looks and cleanliness to their actual physical health.

Fur, teeth, ears and nails.  These are the main areas of concern that need to be focused on when it comes to grooming.

Find out from your doctor about the kind of brush that is needed to brush your dog’s mane at home.  You could also go online and do some research.  Buy the appropriate one and brush your dog at least once if not twice every day.  It will distribute skin oils and keep the fur shiny and free of knots.

Animals lick themselves and tend to ingest their fur.  It becomes a hairball and yes, few dogs do suffer from this problem and develop stomach or intestinal blockages.

Ear wax can sometimes make your dog smell like socks.  You need to glance into the ear canal off and on and look for black residue.  If your dog has long floppy ears then you need to lift them up and check for wax. The smell is enough to tell you that it needs to be cleaned. Ear infections and mites are no joke.  If you care for your dog, this should never happen.

If you live in a flat and your dogs are on marbled floors most of the time, then their nails will not wear down like normal animals that have a lot of activity on rough and natural surfaces.

When you do not pay attention to your dogs long nails, you are giving cause for them to grow into the toe pads causing tremendous pain and infection.   Be careful when you trim nails at home.  You should not go near a blood vessel so if you lack experience, go to your vet or groomer for the same.

Teeth.  In the case of your dog, the teeth not be sparkly but if you neglect your pets oral healthy you will invite periodontal disease. More and more pets are diagnosed with the affliction now a days.  Your dog will have to be sedated later for dental work so pay attention to the teeth which can be cleaned easily with special non fluoride doggy toothpaste.

If you are experienced then you can groom your pet regularly at home but if you are not and would prefer an expert then you can go to a pet salon or parlour.  Make sure your pet is fully vaccinated if you decide to groom him out of your home.  If his immunity is low or he is unvaccinated, he may pick up something infectious.

You will see how much happier and healthier you pet is once he is groomed.  If you take so much of pain to cook him the very best and freshest of food but neglect to groom him, believe me, it is nothing but a waste.

Your pet cannot speak for himself. If something is wrong he cannot tell you. Why wait till things escalate? If you pay attention to his body and groom him, you will not only enhance but increase his life and strengthen the bond between you two as well. Your pet is a life time commitment and he depends on you for everything.



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3 thoughts on “Dog Grooming: Why It Needs To Be Done Regularly”

  1. In your article, you stated that if you live in a flat and your dogs are on marbled floors most of the time, then their nails will not wear down like normal animals that have a lot of activity on rough and natural surfaces. My wife brought home a new puppy last week for my birthday and he is shedding all over our house. I wonder if there are certain breeds of dogs that need to be groomed more often than the others.

  2. Yes, dog grooming is absolutely important and also it is good for your pup’s health. Regular grooming will not only make your canine feel relaxed and free of unpleasant odor but also help you identify the health issues such as- wounds or lumps etc. Honestly, it does not matter whether your cur has short or thick hair because keeping him well-groomed will definitely aid the overall health of your pooch. As regular grooming prevents uncombed hair, limits tick attack by removing bad odor and extra oil from the skin, avoids tumor and reddening of the gums, thus you should hire a proficient vet or a professional dog groomer to groom your canine companion without causing any harm.

  3. I had no idea that long nails could grow into the toe pads and cause an infection. I just got a dog this month, and I want to take the best care of her! Thanks for the information–I’ll be sure to set up an appointment to have her groomed.

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