Dog Parenting Tips: Becoming A Dog Owner For The First Time

Dog Parenting Tips: Becoming A Dog Owner For The First Time


There is a first for everything. Parenting is one of them, be it for a human being or animal.  If you’re a first time pet parent, this article will help you with information that is critical to the first few weeks of the pups’ homecoming.

If your puppy is coming from a breeder, the longer that it is on its mother’s milk, which is rich with antibodies called colostrums, the better for the pup’s own physical and emotional development.  By 8 weeks of age the pup can make a gradual transition to its new home.

Your first task will be to go straight to the vet that you have chosen to look after the health of your pup.  Deworming is number one on the list if there are no health issues like loose motions etc.  Deworming young pups may not necessarily be a onetime affair.  Your vet will give you a proper schedule for the same.  Once the course is complete, he will move to vaccinations.

Vaccinations build the immunity and protect your pet from future infection from diseases.   It is crucial to your pups’ health and could prove fatal if missed. They cannot be skipped under any cost. The vet will examine the pup for any fever or illness.  He will postpone vaccination until till the pup feels better.

There is the basic 9 in 1 that is followed by a booster that is then followed by an anti rabies vaccine.  Depending on the country of residence and diseases prevalent there, your vet will may give an additional appropriate vaccine.  You will again get a schedule to be followed as the vaccines are given in intervals and separately.

Ask your vet for the right diet that your dog breed requires and stick to it.  Puppies do not allow room for experimentation. They are fragile.  Ensure that you have a pet food supplier close by if you opt for packaged pet food.


He may also have a few trainers in mind.  Training your pup is of the utmost importance.  You will see how rewarding a few sessions with the trainer prove to be in the long run.

Do not neglect it. Check for a grooming salon near you.  Certain breeds require professional grooming.  A dog that is not groomed in time is susceptible to unwanted and preventable complications.

If you have children, then you need to take the time to educate them on the new family member and its needs.  It will make things a lot easier and avoid injury to both parties. Your children pose no deliberate threat but curiosity can prove to quite a challenge.

Teach them to be calm and know their limits with the new pup.  They should also be taught which puppy behaviours to ignore, encourage and curtail.  Do not entrust the responsibility of the pup to your children.  A child below 7 may not fully comprehend the pup’s dependency on him.

Ensure that your home is puppy proofed.  Despite strict supervision, you may overlook something.  That means protecting both the home and mostly the pup from indoor and outdoor hazards.

Pups are curious creatures. They tend to taste and ingest just about anything. Keep small toys, instruments, medicines, the dustbin, chemical household cleaners, electric cables, poisonous plants and flammable objects away from their reach.  Any one thing could prove fatal.

If you have stairs, ensure that you put a barricade so the pup does not topple down.  You can put one in front of the kitchen and bathroom doors as well your main door if it opens to the main road.

If your home has no fencing, your curious pup may wander off and never be able to find his way back.   You pet is dependent on you.  A little bit of effort from your side can ensure him of a smooth and safe transition from puppyhood to adulthood.



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