Teach Your Dog Social Skills At The Peppy Paws Pet Resort

Teach Your Dog Social Skills At The Peppy Paws Pet Resort


Teach Your Dog Social Skills At The Peppy Paws Pet Resort

The Peppy Paws Pet Resort invites you to a Dog Socialization Session in Pune on the  15th & 22nd of May, 2016, Sunday, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. 

Dogs are social animals and love playing in a pack. But in our homes, they rarely get to play or socialize with other dogs or pets.

Are you concerned that your dog never gets to play with other dogs? Would you like to give them a chance to meet with other dogs, learn social skills, swim in a 1000 sq.ft. dog pool (the biggest in Pune) and run around free and unleashed?

The Peppy Paws Pet Resort invites pet parents and pets to socialize with other pets. Your beloved pets get to swim, play, run unleashed and free outdoors. Use the pool and play areas. Try the agility circuit with your pets. Take a tour of our brand new pet hostel.

All breeds of dogs are welcome – purebreds, mixed breeds, indie breeds. We love them all.

Note: Pet parents must remember to bring their own towels for themselves and their pets.

Address: The Peppy Paws Pet Resort, Near Interval Food Mall, Phursungi – Saswad Road, Wadki, Pune 411028 (Google Map)

Date:  15th & 22nd of May, 2016 (Sunday)

Time: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Cost: Rs 500 for 3 hours.

All pet parents will receive a GIFT VOUCHER for dog boarding this summer!

About The Peppy Paws Pet Resort:

The Peppy Paws Pet Resort is a popular pet boarding facility in Pune, run by Priya and Roshan Poduval. It is well known among Pune’s pet parents for its caring and loving resort owners, who are committed to providing the best treatment and an enjoyable experience to the pets in their care.

To RSVP, contact: Priya Poduval / Roshan Poduval

Mobile/Whatsapp: 8805989128 / 9

Email: peppypawspetresort@gmail.com

Event Pages:

15th May, 2016

22nd May, 2016



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