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Homemade Dog Food Or Packaged: What Should You Give Your Pet?

Almost all pet owners have one question in common.  “Should I give my pet home cooked food or readymade food?”

When you look at the back of the pack of readymade food and see the printed nutritional values, it makes you wonder if the food that you cook has even 1% of the required nutrition.

It is but natural to believe that since packaged food is made by companies that specialize in animal products, they can never go wrong.

Then again we also believe that the healthiest food is what is fresh and made at home. It is the desire of every pet owner to provide the best but what is the best?

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Senior Pet Care Tips For Those Twilight Years

Pets age. They grow weak and old just like us human beings. There is deterioration in their ability to hear and see. Mobility is hampered and skin and hair condition degrade.

Ageing causes unavoidable illnesses like arthritis, gastrointestinal upset, cancer, heart, kidney/urinary tract and liver disease, diabetes and senility along with weakness.  They are often irreversible and fatal.

Many pet owners panic once their pet is in a challenging position. The expenses, time, work and stress involved in the healing or maintenance often leads many owners to shirk the responsibility and opt for euthanasia.

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How To Socialize Your Pet

If you lived in solitude in the Himalayas, you’d think socializing your pet would not be necessary, but, with the amount of people scaling those mountains, you are bound to come in contact with human beings and four legged companions.

So what is socializing? Well, exposing your pets to people, other animals and the world around them is termed socializing. If done in time, properly and with the right trainer, you will have confident, happy and social pets.

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Pune’s Peppy Paws Pet Resort Relocates To 60,000 Sq Ft Facility at Wadki

Pune’s Peppy Paws Pet Resort Relocates To 60,000 Sq. Ft. Facility at Wadki

Expands Services To Offer The Ultimate Pet Boarding Experience 

Pune, 10th February, 2016 – Pune’s most popular pet boarding facility, The Peppy Paws Pet Resort, has relocated to a 60,000 square foot facility at Wadki. The move was prompted by the immense success of this unique pet hostel, encouraging its owners Priya and Roshan Poduval to expand it both spatially and in services, to include a number of amenities that no other pet boarding facility in Pune offers.

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10 Tips For Choosing A Great Kennel For Your Pet

If you’ve been craving a holiday but feel guilty because you have to leave your four legged babies alone then this article will answer all your questions and take away your fears.

Every pet wants to be with its master and vice versa but it is not always possible.   Friends and family may be a good option but they too can have unforeseen emergencies and prove to be unreliable.

Why put yourself and your pet through unwanted stress.  A little bit of research and planning in advance and you’re good to go.  Read on to find out about kenneling your dog and what to look out for in a good pet boarding facility.

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