Dog Parenting Tips: Becoming A Dog Owner For The First Time

There is a first for everything. Parenting is one of them, be it for a human being or animal.  If you’re a first time pet parent, this article will help you with information that is critical to the first few weeks of the pups’ homecoming.

If your puppy is coming from a breeder, the longer that it is on its mother’s milk, which is rich with antibodies called colostrums, the better for the pup’s own physical and emotional development.  By 8 weeks of age the pup can make a gradual transition to its new home.

Your first task will be to go straight to the vet that you have chosen to look after the health of your pup.  Deworming is number one on the list if there are no health issues like loose motions etc.  Deworming young pups may not necessarily be a onetime affair.  Your vet will give you a proper schedule for the same.  Once the course is complete, he will move to vaccinations.

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