Dog Care In Monsoon: Keeping Your Pooch Fit And Healthy

The monsoons are here and they not only bring cooler temperatures but the romance between man and nature.  Everything is green and you will find little pools of rain water all over.

For most pet owners, the monsoons bring along a bit of tension, especially they have a dog. Walking routines get disturbed during the rains, dog walkers are absconding and more often than once, because of delays, there are accidents in the house.

When the routine is altered or hampered, your pet’s energy is not expended, causing them to get stressed out. Prolonged stress unfortunately will have a similar effect on your dog, just like it has on you.

Well, fear not, if you take the required safety, preventive and protective measures there is no reason why you and your dog cannot enjoy the monsoons to the fullest.

It is true though that dogs that enjoy long walks will have less time outdoors, but that’s better than no time out at all. Do not let these basic activities become annoying and impossible tasks.  Read this article to consider a few things before you venture out.

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