My Dog Only Cares About Food. What Should I Do?

Well, for as long as I can remember, I’ve heard people say that dogs can eat all day!  Hungry or not, everything put in front of them will be swallowed.

Is there any truth to that statement? The answer is yes and no.  Some dogs eat only when they are hungry and will not even ask for seconds where as some, well, ‘CAN EAT ALL DAY’!

Does your dog wolf down food like it was on a yearlong fast?  Does he eat till he will explode? If it seems like your dog is hungry all the time then this article is for you.

Dog are descendants of the grey wolf and that means they are hunters.  They are used to what you call a ‘feast or famine diet’.  Nature teaches them to eat as much as they can when food is available, because they may not be able to make the next kill soon enough.

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