10 Tips For Choosing A Great Kennel For Your Pet

10 Tips For Choosing A Great Kennel For Your Pet


If you’ve been craving a holiday but feel guilty because you have to leave your four legged babies alone then this article will answer all your questions and take away your fears.

Every pet wants to be with its master and vice versa but it is not always possible.   Friends and family may be a good option but they too can have unforeseen emergencies and prove to be unreliable.

Why put yourself and your pet through unwanted stress.  A little bit of research and planning in advance and you’re good to go.  Read on to find out about kenneling your dog and what to look out for in a good pet boarding facility.

The best references will come from your vet and other pet parents.  Listen carefully to their experiences in the facilities; ask them for the pros and cons, the rates per day and hidden charges for luxuries or necessities provided.


Hygiene should be number one on your list.  Is the kennel well lit and properly ventilated?  If the kennel looks like a concentration camp from the outside, it is going to be worse on the inside.  Are the surroundings littered with poop and stinking of urine?  Are there a lot of flies and garbage lying around?


The kennel interiors:

Is there a bit of grass so that the dog can be walked, play and exercise? Is it safe with high fencing so the pets do not escape?  What about an indoor play area in case the weather is bad?

Check the enclosures:

Are the dogs who are currently residing there comfortable?  It is spacious enough for the dog to move around? Is there a proper drainage system from the cubicle to the main sewage system?

Do they provide adequate bedding for each pet through the day?  Are you allowed to bring your pet’s bedding and toys?

Segregation of pets:

Are felines kept separately from the canines?  Are aggressive and hyper pets away from the smaller and timid ones?  Some things just cannot be mixed and can prove to be disastrous.


What is the feeding routine like? Do they feed home cooked food or readymade stuff?  Can you provide the food?

If your dog needs a particular diet due to age or a medical condition will they provide it?  Inspect the kitchen area once so that you are confident about the hygiene there too.

In house vet:

Does the facility have an in house vet? If not is there one close by who is available even at night?  If your dog has a medical condition that is of utmost importance.

Do a reference check of the vet, meet him if you can and update him on your dogs condition.  Nothing better than your own vet knowing him.


Are they kind and do you see the pets who are currently there, responding to them positively?  Are they trained to handle behavioural issues.  Do they have basic first aid knowledge.  Are they equipped for a medical emergency?


Pet hygiene:

Will the dog be bathed if required? What if it is infested with ticks and fleas?  Will they do the necessary without being told?  Is there a separate charge and do you have to leave behind extra funds for these things?


Does the kennel have a vehicle?  Do they have a pick up and drop facility? If the pet needs to be taken to the vet will they have to waste time looking for pet friendly transport?


Hopefully, they will be hospitable to you as well and entertain your calls when you feel like enquiring about your pets. Where ever you board them, make sure your family or friends can reach the kennel if need be.

Once you’ve understood what to look out for and narrowed down a few kennels on your list, pay them a surprise visit and do a thorough check of the place.  Trust your instincts because your pet’s comfort is dependent on the choice you make.

Take your pet along and try to walk him in the premises of the kennel.  If possible leave him there for a day or over the weekend.  Let him get accustomed to the area, leave his scent behind and bond with the staff.

When the day comes and you have to leave your pet, avoid any kind of negative or sad emotions.  It will stress him big time.  You won’t forget him, nor will he forget you.  Leave him be and go in peace.  You do not want to return with an ulcer.  Come back rejuvenated to a happy, healthy and confident pet.

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Author: Priya Poduval

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8 thoughts on “10 Tips For Choosing A Great Kennel For Your Pet”

  1. I m workin 4 the welfare of animals n i reside in rajouri gard,new delhi.A few frds of mine hv lot of trouble in leavin their pet n goin 4 a vacation.It wd b very nice if u tell me ab any good kennel near our house wher our baby is at ease.Thanx in advance

    1. Hi Komal, We are based in Pune and are not aware of kennels in Delhi. Please contact animal organisations in your area for more info.

  2. Thanks for the information on choosing pet boarding! Thanks for mentioning to find out if you are allowed to bring your pets bedding and toys to the kennel. My dog is very attached to her bed, and we want her to be as comfortable as possible when she is away, so this is important to us.

  3. My wife and I are going on vacation next month. We want to find a good place that can take care of our dog while we’re gone to ensure she stays safe. I didn’t realize how important it is to choose a pet boarding service that keeps the animals separate to ensure no disastrous accidents occur. I’ll be sure to remember this info moving forward.

  4. Thank you for the very helpful blog. I’m planning on visiting my sister for a couple weeks and don’t want to leave my cat alone at home. In the article you wrote that you should choose a boarding service that has a good selection of food available for your pet, or allows you to choose what they are fed. My cat is no a special diet right now for medical reasons, so I’ll have to look for a service that could work a plan out with me to ensure my cat is fed what it should be to ensure it stays healthy while I’m away.

  5. I agree that cleanliness is important when choosing a dog boarding facility. It would make sense to find somewhere that your pet can feel clean and comfortable in. I’m looking for somewhere to leave my two dogs while I go on vacation, so I’ll have to make sure it’s clean first.

  6. I’m glad I came across your article about finding a good dog boarding home. My wife and I are planning to go on a vacation, and despite all our efforts, bringing our dog along with us won’t work. I like how you talked about checking if the kennel has grass with high fencing for regular walks, play, and exercise. I would never have thought of this and since you pointed it out, I realized how important it is that our dog can have his occasional walks and play time. I will surely remember your advice when we look for the best dog boarding in our area.

  7. I appreciate your suggestion to make sure that the dog boarding kennel you are considering has very comfortable and spacious enclosures. Since my husband and I have to go on a business trip for a week, we are wondering how to find the best kennel to keep our dog in. Since he likes a lot of space, we’ll be sure to find a boarding facility with spacious enclosures.

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